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What is Who Can?

A network of coaches and students sharing their knowledge and interest through live classes and private video lessons.

WhoCan provides an avenue for coaches of just about anything to share their skills from the comfort of their own home. Unlike other sites that have pre-packed videocourses, WhoCan allows students to get real time coaching - taylored to their needs.

If you have a skill you want to learn, chances are there’s a coach on WhoCan.

About you:

You have a curious mind and an adventurous spirit.
You believe that life-is-for-the-living and are always looking for your next lesson or
journey. You love learning new skills and sharing your experience and knowledge with others
You are looking for ways to supplement your lifestyle or get that extra edge to excel
at your hobby or profession and enjoy life.
You want to be able to learn or share knowledge remotely, while you travel.
You want to save time searching for ways to grow your student base or master the
things you love to learn so you can the most of your downtime.
You love exploring new communities and subcultures to better connect with other
human beings, from the planet Earth.

Got something to coach in ?

WhoCan provides you with a platform to easily coordinate & sell private online sessions or classes through our simple timetable and booking system. You can promote yourself to a larger captive audience through our site and easily share your profile on other social media outlets.

Join the WhoCan Network

Add the skills to your profile that you would like to coach in. You can also add examples of your work or you in action.
Join the WhoCan Network

It’s Flexible

Our Timetable feature lets you set and display your availability for coaching sessions or classes, allowing students to book a slot instantly. Students can see your availability up to two weeks in advance.
It’s Flexible

Easy Earning

Students pay instantly when they book and the money is held until you complete the lesson. It’s then paid directly into your bank account within 4 days. We only take 15%. That’s it.
Easy Earning
A network of owls
network of owls
Got something to learn ?

Don’t we all?
WhoCan allows you to find coaching tailored to you! So that you can learn
something new, feed a secret passion or simply further your current career with a
one-of-a-kind lesson.
Gain valuable skills from entrepreneurs, creators and professionals from around
the world.

Join the WhoCan Network

To book group classes or private sessions from our team of coaches from around the world…. in just about anything.
Join the WhoCan Network

Made For You

When you view a coach's availability, it's always appears in your timezone. Making it easier for you to plan and book yourself in.
Made For You

It’s free to join

Only pay for the sessions you want to join.
It’s free to join
  • What is whocan?

    Whocan provides an avenue for coaches of just about anything to share their skills from the comfort of their own home. unlike other sites that have pre-packed videocourses, whocan allows students to get real time coaching - taylored to their needs. if you

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How WhoCan works

Our community element means that students can easily find coaches they can trust. With WhoCan’s Timetable feature, coaches can set their own availability to suit their schedule. Great for freelancers and for those with fixed hours.

Students can always see Coach’s availability two weeks in advance and can book a time slot instantly.
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Coaches can offer group classes or set their availability to do one-on-one personal coaching. We send out reminder messages about all upcoming lessons and you simply click on the video link when the time comes. They can range from 30min (minimum) in length, to as long as you need.

The last 5min of each session is called the 'grace period' and coaches can finish the session at any point during that time - so they can get ready for their next one.
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Our Timetable feature is what helps make WhoCan so unique. Coaches simply fill in the hours they are available for coaching - or post group classes at a set times.

When students see a skill they want coaching in, they are shown a list of available time slots from that coach and can book in instantly.
Coaches display their availability two weeks in advance.
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Who Are We ?

We are a collective of entrepreneurs and creatives in Sydney, Australia - but our team is internationally based, from
a variety of backgrounds.

Before WhoCan, our creators had worked as lecturers, international actors and dancers, small business owners,
film directors, writers, designers, musicians, washed dishes or even knocked on doors for charities.
We understand that people are defined by more than how-they-make-a-living and have a wide variety of skills and
interests from all over the globe.

We bring the fun. Connecting people with shared interests is our superpower, so why not make it enjoyable?
We love giving people a leg-up in life. Whether it’s our employees, our coaches or our student base - we love
helping people reach their full potential

You could describe us in these three words:
accueillante, apasionado and 好奇 *Gets out Google Translate*

Over a game of table-tennis you would learn:

Two of our founders have been best-mates for 15 years and once toured with The Vengaboys in an indy-rock
Spice Girls cover band called The Herbs.

Our team is 75% female.

We think it’s really cool that a collection of owls is known as a ‘parliament’.
You LOVE to travel!? So do we! Last year we collectively set foot in over 20 countries.
Our driving force is EMPATHY. We love hearing people’s stories, their highs and lows and getting involved with
as much as we can in our community and around the world.

Of course, we also love learning and experiencing life. Some of our team’s favourite past times include
songwriting, baking, performing stand up comedy (at least we think it’s comedy), games’ nights, going to flea
markets, cinema, theatre, the beach (Bondi) and our guilty pleasures are reality TV and afternoon naps.

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