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A coach is more than just a teacher, a coach is part of the team.

Get short or long term coaching in whatever you need. From creative industries to lifestyle, education and business -with Who Can. YouCan!

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How WhoCan works

Our community element means that students can easily find coaches they can trust. With WhoCan’s Timetable feature, coaches can set their own availability to suit their schedule. Great for freelancers and for those with fixed hours.

Students can always see Coach’s availability two weeks in advance and can book a time slot instantly.
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Coaches can offer group classes or set their availability to do one-on-one personal coaching. We send out reminder messages about all upcoming lessons and you simply click on the video link when the time comes. They can range from 30min (minimum) in length, to as long as you need.

The last 5min of each session is called the 'grace period' and coaches can finish the session at any point during that time - so they can get ready for their next one.
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Our Timetable feature is what helps make WhoCan so unique. Coaches simply fill in the hours they are available for coaching - or post group classes at a set times.

When students see a skill they want coaching in, they are shown a list of available time slots from that coach and can book in instantly.
Coaches display their availability two weeks in advance.
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  • What is whocan?

    Whocan provides an avenue for coaches of just about anything to share their skills from the comfort of their own home. unlike other sites that have pre-packed videocourses, whocan allows students to get real time coaching - taylored to their needs. if you

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